Chewing Gum (2015)

Despite having only one six-episode season thus far, Chewing Gum still managed to squeeze in a few turtlenecks for us.

Unfortunately, those t-necks were worn by Ronald. Sigh.

Ronald comes right out of the gate in a t-neck, S1E1

Ronald sucks and was obviously not enough man for Tracy, but we do have to acknowledge that he was at least man enough to wear t-necks & blazers. Although that blue and maroon combo is just a little too 70’s for my eyes.

I mean, Ronald’s self-realization as a gay man was quite wonderful to behold, until we realized that this moment of transcendence still didn’t alter his terrible personality.

Thanks Ronald for showing us that you can be a sucky individual but suck just a little bit less in a t-neck!



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