You’ve Got T-Necks (1998)

Diane is our patron saint of t-necks, but Meg Ryan also worships at the altar of turtlenecks. She wears them almost *exclusively* in You’ve Got Mail. Join me through her t-neck journey.

She lunches in a t-neck.
She’s concerned in a t-neck.
She thinks deeply in a t-neck.
She orders coffee in a t-neck.
She dates Greg Kinnear because he wears t-necks! That blazer & t-neck combo is just so classic.
Meg peeks over Greg’s shoulder in a t-neck.

Hey wait – is that Dave Chappelle wearing a turtleneck?????

It IS Dave Chappelle wearing a turtleneck!!!



He’s wearing one AGAIN! He loves t-necks!
Meg and her coworker even decorate their t-necks with lights!

Thanks Meg for always keeping your wardrobe stocked full of t-necks! AND for showing us how to make them holiday-appropriate!


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