Stranger T-Necks (2016)

Stranger Things is special because it gives us a t-neck in seven out of eight episodes in its first season. It is also unique in that the t-necks are pretty evenly spaced out among a variety of characters. But before you ask: no, there is no Barb. Barb doesn’t wear turtlenecks, so Barb does not exist here.

First, we get Carol. Carol is annoying and mean, but at least she wears t-necks basically every time she’s on screen. Just mute her and bask in the striped t-necks.

Carol is probably mad that she’s the only one in this trash friend group who wears turtlenecks. (S1E7)

Next, the Wheelers show us that real 80’s parents kick it in tandem t-neck style.

A true dad-look (S1E7)

Lucas also gets in on the t-neck action.


My son Mike has disappointed me in being the only member of the Wheeler family who doesn’t wear a t-neck, but nobody’s perfect. Moving on.

Nancy looks confused in her turtleneck, but she’s probably just wondering why she didn’t wear one before episode 6.


We even get some tiny t-necks! Baby Holly sports a turtleneck twice, and we also see Hopper’s daughter wearing one in a flashback. She scares me, but I suppose the t-neck cancels out my fear.

Maybe it’s the eyebrows – or lack thereof? Idk. (S1E8)

And of course, this compilation would not be complete without a Joyce t-neck moment.


Finally, Will’s return is celebrated in this sweet and moving reunion of friends. Will is naturally wearing a t-neck.


Thank you Stranger Things, for giving us a wealth of t-necks to admire. And thank you Will for showing us you can rise triumphantly from near-death and still look fab in a t-neck. Just don’t throw up a monster slug on it!


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