When Harry & Sally Met Turtlenecks (1989)

A classic story of boy meets girl meets turtlenecks. Just look at them up there, falling in mutually t-necked love.

Note Sally’s book “Smart Women” – I’m sure the rest of the title is “Wear T-Necks”

When Sally meets Harry (again) at the bookstore, she’s wearing a turtleneck.

The t-neck still outshines that ridiculous hat.

As their friendship develops, we see that Sally’s interest in t-necks starts to rub off on Harry.


He power walks in t-necks.


He even starts to sleep in t-necks.

Their love was inevitable – this was a true match made in turtleneck heaven.

Thank you to Harry & Sally for showing us that couples who t-neck together, stay together!


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