Something’s Gotta Give (2003)

Something had to give in this movie, and tragically it was Diane Keaton’s turtleneck – but more on that later.

In this movie, Diane is known for her t-necks. And with good reason. Look at how good she looks in that screenshot up there, ordering in French from her local deli in the Hamptons like one of Ina’s friends on Barefoot Contessa.

It’s the middle of summer and Diane is still faithful to her t-neck lifestyle.
Just flinging around some newspapers in a pristine white on white on white t-neck ensemble!

Jack Nicholson so astutely takes note of Diane’s penchant for t-necks and rudely asks “what’s with the turtlenecks?” In a response for the ages she answers: “I like them. I’ve always liked them and I’m just a turtleneck kind of gal.”


This t-neck under poncho with bucket hat and sunglasses is a look.


However, for reasons unknown Jack Nicholson takes it upon himself to “liberate” Diane from her t-necks, and what follows is one of the most disturbing scenes in cinematic history.

It only gets worse – stop if you’re squeamish.
UGH – f*** you Jack Nicholson! HOW DARE YOU!

Now take a deep breath. The worst is over.

The turtleneck curtain has not fallen for Diane, the patron saint of The T-Neck Files.


She goes back to what she knows and loves, first crying in a faithful gray t-neck, then telling off Jack Nicholson for destroying her old t-neck … in a new t-neck.


She even indoctrinates new beau Keanu into the t-neck lifestyle.

Thanks for sticking it to the man and always staying true to the t-neck Diane! We will forever worship you.


Buy Diane’s wine, The Keaton, here. It’s amazing, I’ve tried it. Put on your favorite t-neck and sip it over ice while browsing our Instagram!


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