This I Promise You (2000)

*NSYNC definitely fulfilled their promise to us … of a music video filled with t-necks.


First Justin emerges in his speckled brown chunky t-neck, almost camouflaged in what appears to be a Rainforest Cafe. Weirdly enough, his hair also blends in.


Next Lances serves us with an A+ leather jacket and t-neck combo, really making us feel the year 2000.


JC makes a statement in his flesh-colored turtleneck. The combination of color and tightness makes this almost unsettling, but it gets a pass because it’s a t-neck.


Finally, Chris’ burgundy knit t-neck allows him to access visualized bubble memories – a real showstopper.

Sadly this is only a 4/5 t-neck music video. Joey doesn’t get a turtleneck because … well, let’s be honest it’s because he’s Joey. But thank you to Justin, Lance, JC, and Chris for showing us that earth tone t-necks still work in forest settings!


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