Under the Tuscan T-Neck (2003)

And the title puns begin … now.

Surprisingly, Diane Lane disappoints us by wearing ZERO t-necks in Under the Tuscan Sun, but fear not, there is no shortage of turtlenecks in Cortona.

Thankfully, Diane is invited to a dinner party that seemingly celebrates turtlenecks. Her seatmate hits us with a risque beige-on-beige t-neck and blazer combo, while the hostess keeps it simple with a classic black t-neck. Her daughter gives us early 00s teen realness with a striped t-neck and cardigan set. We even get a wonderfully sophisticated sleeveless t-neck at the head of the table.

All of these t-necks only highlight Diane’s painfully exposed neck – get it together girl.


Chiara looks on in pity and judgement at Diane’s woefully inappropriate crushed velvet tank top.


Sandra Oh shows that she too understands the t-neck ways of the Italians, as she arrives to Italy in a full-on striped t-neck maternity dress.


The turtleneck dress in all of its glory.
Sandra looks chic as f*** in this turtleneck and leather jacket combo while Diane continues to tragically struggle in her ambiguously-necked tops.

Fortunately, we know that Sandra Oh will pass on her love and appreciation for t-necks to her new Italian-American baby.

Thanks for being a t-neck ambassador Sandra!


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